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About Us This is an attempt to bring clarity to the college financing picture. In addition to articles and tips about the need-based aid process, we have amassed a data-base of over 1200 college-based merit scholarships. Our research team called the colleges and viewed their websites in order to collect this information. The information is intended as a guide, a tool to help students identify a potential "financial safety". The criteria listed are either minimum criteria as listed on the website, or in some cases we asked the school for the averages of last year's winners. We then entered numbers lower than their SAT and GPA averages, knowing that many students were given scholarships with scores below these numbers. Our goal is to partner with the colleges to update this information. If you are a college, and would like to have us create a free account for you so that you can update your scholarship information and publicize your scholarships to interested students, email Our goal is to create partnership with the colleges to help publicize their scholarship programs and help potential students avoid the "sticker shock" created by learning about the tuition at their favorite colleges. is a division of First Choice College Placement LLC . First Choice has been assisting students in all aspects of the college search since 1999. They have developed a particular expertise in college funding. First Choice College Placement is a member of the National Association for College Admissions Counseling , Higher Education Consultants Association , Education Industry Association , and National College Advocacy Group. At First Choice we are committed to helping students find ways to fund a college education and in 2009 we have committed to donating almost 10% of our profits back to students in the form of scholarships. As members of numerous professional organizations we are committed to high ethical standards and continued professional development. Through CollegeTreasure , , and , we hope to share that knowledge with as wide of an audience as possible.